About LEV Services

Leeds based LEV Services was formed in January 2004 to provide a cost effective Local Exhaust Ventilation (dust & fume extraction) thorough examination and testing service for all industry. With over 30 years experience in the dust and fume extraction industry, working at all levels through design, manufacture, installation and testing, LEV Services can meet all requirements no matter how large or small.

We help all customers, irrespective of their size or location with Local Exhaust Ventilation testing for compliance with regulation 9 of COSHH.

We can provide examination, testing and maintenance services specifically designed and targeted to each company, tailoring requirements to best suit individual company needs. We offer high levels of professional expertise combined with a more personal one to one service.

Our attention to detail and excellent response times coupled with prices that help meet ever tightening budgets for items such as LEV testing, spares and consumables ensure that LEV Services meet all expectations.

Our existing client base is made up of varying sized companies located throughout the whole of the UK. We carry out LEV testing for well established dust extraction companies and also for local authorities, the health service, the prison service and local education departments.

We provide LEV testing, replacement filter media, polythene waste sacks, flexible hoses, galvanised ductwork and other consumables.
We can also design, draw (AutoCAD), supply, install and commission complete dust extraction systems where required.

Please contact us for further details, advice, or a free LEV test quotation.