Industries Served

LEV Services have designed, supplied, installed, serviced, repaired, upgraded and tested extraction equipment in all of the following industries:
Children's Toy Manufacturers
Coffin Manufacturers
Health Food Manufacturers
Pet Food Manufacturers
Timber Building Manufacturers
Jigsaw Manufacturers
Caravan Manufacturers
Vehicle Exhaust Manufacturers
Safety Barrier Manufacturers
Theme Park Workshops
Rocking Horse Manufacturers
Children's Science Museums
Aerosol Manufacturers
Coach/Bus Manufacturers
Motorhome Manufacturers
Animal Feed Suppliers
School Technology Departments
Hospital Estate Workshops
Prison Estate Workshops
Council Workshops
Pallet Manufacturers
Plastic Extrusion Manufacturers
Cable Drum Manufacturers
Training Workshops
University Workshops
Printing Sleeve Manufacturers
Mobile Home Manufacturers
Fire Brigade Workshops
Emergency Lighting Manufacturers
Paint Manufacturers
Children's Ride Manufacturers
Slate/Stone Engravers
Kitchen Manufacturers
Furniture Manufacturers
Timber Suppliers
Builders Merchants
Door Manufacturers
Fencing Manufacturers
Window Manufacturers
Gate Manufacturers
Sign Manufacturers
Paint Powder Coaters
Architects Workshops
Stonemasons Workshops
Quarry Workshops
Wooden Flooring Manufacturers